About The Artist & Photos

Paralyzed- Apparel is a clothing line designed by Matthew Raynor, a quadriplegic artist located on long islands eastern edge.In order to run the clothing line Matthew uses a print on demand service to fulfill his designs. Paralyzed Apparel is an off-shoot of his work as an artist and photographer. He can be seen exhibiting at any one of the many Fine Art Festivals held in The Hamptons.

Ex-Deep Sea Fisherman Matthew Raynor Re-invented himself as a full-time Artist after a diving accident left him mostly paralyzed. After learning how to live again, he kindled his old part-time photography business with the technology of a drone. The drone’s maneuverability fully makes up for his lack of mobility. Having his life and passions rerouted, Matt found purpose in creating. Success seems to follow his creations formed by a set of immobilized hands. Moreover- purpose, peace, passion and healing seem to precipitate out of such creations. While the condition of disability seems to wholly embody entropy, creating under such condition seems to bring about the opposite. Along with these strangely begotten gifts A sense of hope is generated. And living without hope is committing oneself to a doomed existence. This undeniably omniscent truth is what fuels matt's drive and creativity. Hope for a better tomorrow is the water that nurtures the human soul.

            Matthews Clothing line and New series of mixed media Art are the embodiment of persistence and success. Be sure to checkout Matthewraynor.com for his photography, list of exhibitions and blog